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It is snowing. Happy Samhain!

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office mostly set up

I've been trying to get my school office jammed into my home office.  I'm most of the way (defined as >50%) there.

I got my new computer set up and moved in the toys!


CPU and Guardians!


On top of the bookcase.



The little stuff is still in a box but ...



Last night we got down to low 30's with patchy frost. It will warm up a bit over the weekend.



I filled my large recycle dumpster and a couple of garbage bags cleaning out my home office. There are also four boxes of stuff to go to Goodwill in the back of my car. I feel like I actually accomplished something. Of course, my dining room table is covered with unsorted stuff. I've turned the corner but have not yet completed the task.



I may actually need to turn on the heat tonight. Is it November?

On another note: I stopped to get a flu shot at the drug store. It seems my health insurance won't pay for it except at my doctor's office. My doctor's office says go to the drug store. WTF?!! On Monday I will scream at someone!

this afternoon


Cami and I had every intention of seeing a movie this afternoon. The weather went from sunny at 2pm to dark and cloudy at 3pm. I headed down Pennsylvania ran into a closed road, went over to Cedar and then back to Pennsylvania where it started really raining. The rain was coming down so hard that driving became impossible and I pulled over. There were already lakes in the road. Needless to say we sat in a QD parking lot. Lots of wind, lots of water with some flooding. We decided to get some Phad Thai.

Getting back to the neighborhood there was evidence of wind damage. Lots of lightening and we saw a cell tower get hit multiple times. According to the weather beans we got 1 1/2" to 8" in a half hour depending where you were.

maine coon cats


Ordinary cat toys are not made for big cats. Fiona destroyed two sparkly glitter sticks this afternoon. Cat 2, stick 0. Now I need to get new toys and pay better attention to flexibility of stick.

the students have returned


I had to drive through East Lansing yesterday. The town was full of uHaul van, trailers and trucks. It is moving into campus housing weekend for big Green students. Arrghhhh!!

Today we skirted the campus on way to brunch and again with lots of people who don't know where they are going.

It is always sad when the students return. EL is always so nice in the summer. Oh well another school years begins.