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Coming back from the doctor's office I decided to take the scenic tour on the way home. It is hot, hot, hot and exceedingly muggy out there. Went by the Equine Center and more horses were near or under the trees than out in the sun. No other interesting wildlife, also in hiding from the muggy, I'm sure.

Then as I was getting closer to campus the Road Construction Ghod spoke and I had to make a detour. They are digging up Harrison near the RR tracks. Road closed! So back south and up Farm Lane. This summer the "you can't get there, from here" effect is getting really tiring. Yes, I like that my wheel alignment may not suffer as much as it would on the old roads but these "no go" zones keep popping up. Going into school this morning required rerouting as well.

However the falafel sandwich was achieved and then I went home.
Tags: complaining about the weather, grumpy

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