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storms yesterday, cold today

Storms moved through yesterday and left some much need rain. 45 mph winds however. The day started out sunny then turned dark and gloomy and windy. I went over to the food co-op because traffic in East Lansing was going to be nasty (football game the first on Saturday). Discovered that in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday East Lansing's main drag had turned into a parking lot. Four blocks and a half an hour later I found that student idiots had tried playing bumper cars and both lost. Fire truck, ambulance, tow trucks all in the middle of the road.

On to the co-op and then home to idiot me dumping all my groceries in the driveway. The handles on my bag broke but a nice neighbor helped me get stuff in the house.

Wind roared. They showed pictures of 8 - 12 foot waves on Lake Michigan. The temperates dropped. I opened all the windows which made Romy very happy.

My stepmother called last night. This is about the third phone call I've gotten from her in 10 years. I knew something was wrong for her to call me and she asked if my sister had told me about her problem. Started thinking something bad had happened. She said the screen on the G3 iBook had died. She was calling me to find out what she should do (very long distance tech support to CT). Now you have to understand that I bought this thing used in 2003. The computer owes no one anything, but Apples do last a long time. I have an identical iBook sitting in my cupboard so I said I would send her mine. I bought it so I could check my email and surf after I had foot surgery and spent weeks in bed. I haven't used it much since I bought first an iPod Touch and an iPhone. I can surf using small compact things and I will now have an excuse to buy an iPad the next time I get laid up. Win - win. Stepmother gets a familiar computer and I get back a bit of cupboard space. Joan is a techno - scared person.

Mac Evangelist Note: Joan has used two computers in her life. The Mac Classic I bought my dad in 1990 and this iBook. Without the iBook she turned on the Classic yesterday and it worked but she complained that with her cataracts it was too hard to see things on the screen. Please to note all mac scoffers that the Classic is 20 years old and still runs!

Woke up this morning to a cold breeze blowing in the windows (it got down to 50 F last night). High today is supposed to be in the low 60s, mid 40s tonight.

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