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fun is...

Thought I would finish day of cleaning by throwing a bag of assorted paper in my recycle bin. As I did this a very large moth flew in. I mostly saw it as a silhouette as the lighting was terrible, back lit by the street light. It was approximately 5" across and I was trying to get it back out of the house before it became a cat toy. In other circumstances I would have actually turned more lights on and identified it but the fuzzy girl started chasing it and I wished to make sure that they each stayed in its proper place -- Romy inside, moth outside. Once the door was shut I thought about the size and coloration (brownish perhaps, certainly mid-value or darker). It was big enough to be a Antheraea polyphemus but I think it is too late in the year. I may never know but fun was had by the fuzzy girl and now I'm going to watch TV.