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some people... (a personal complaint)

Last weekend my stepmother called about a dead computer. It was a old iBook that I had bought her used in 2003. I said I would send her one I had as she needed an older Mac notebook because she still uses Classic apps. Well my computer refused to let me reinstall a system that could run these apps. So I looked around and found a used G4 that my sister and I decided to give her for her birthday tomorrow. I purchased it and had it shipped quickly so it would arrive yesterday. I got a phone call from UPS yesterday morning telling me that they would deliver it that day but someone needed to be home to sign for the package. So I called and relayed this to stepmother. Her response: "I'm not sitting at home all day waiting for a package!"

No thanks, just annoyed. I went to the UPS site this morning and see that she did actually accept delivery. She did at 6:30pm. I was wondering. There are reasons why I dislike this person so much. She was one of the original reasons I moved 1322 miles away from Connecticut, and stayed a goodly distance away ever since.

This counts as official notice that this is the last time I'm doing anything nice for the woman. It isn't just me though, she is this bitchy to my sister's kids. It is a trial for them to go visit their grandmother. Some people!!!
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