art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

sunny & beautiful

Mid 70s with a light breeze. Sun. Most of town was watching the MSU vs UM game. Parties and banners everywhere in the neighborhood. MSU won which means no riots in EL, just drunken parties tonight. One of the houses behind me seems to be doing that right now. The music isn't too loud but since the windows are open (it is still in the 60s) I get to hear more than I want.

Tree report. Locusts of all varieties just turning dark yellow and dropping. Most leaves are either green or on the stressed trees brown and falling. The sugar maples are nearing peak. The one up the street are beautiful and these are some around the corner.

Went out to the Okemos Farmer's Market this morning. Got some great poppy seed cookies from the Czech bakery. Nom. Bought a bunch of oriental vegetables (mostly a collection of assorted brassicas choy sum, bok choy and something I'm not sure what it is) from the Hmong stall. Admired the jazillion varieties of pumpkins. One booth had a lovely collection of assorted yellow, orange and reds, with some spotted. I looked but it was so crowded it was hard to get any photos.

It is supposed to be near 80 F tomorrow.

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