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dark & cold

Change in the weather. Woke up when herself trampled across my head on her way to the garden window in my bedroom. Muttered about the dark, figuring it was some sort of o'dark thirty. Then looked at the clock and discovered it was just a few minutes to alarm going off. It was just cloudy and very dark, portents of winter in Michigan. Then it started to thunder and the skies opened up. It rained and rained and ... luckily the thunder stopped and I was able to get in a shower before I headed off to school. It seems no one wanted to part in the great out doors today and the parking ramp was very full. I drove round and round hoping that some one would leave and I could get a space. After I don't know how many loops of the second floor some one finally left. Only trouble was it was a regular spot. (Note: I can get out of the car only if I can get the door fully open -- fun with crutches and chair and all.) So I called Cami for a rescue and this evening Cami had to back the car up again so I could get into the car. The student population this semester is near 22,00 there are exactly 12 handicap spots in the ramp. I sometimes put more mileage on my car each day inside the ramp than getting to said ramp.

Still cold and rainy.