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squirrels & chickens

A very large crop of this year squirrels seem to be bent on committing suicide beneath the wheels of my car. Black and fox, it makes no matter, they run into the road, stop, look, evaluate and then run in whatever direction seems mostly likely to impact my car. Luckily they don't seem very good at "suicide by car" but because of the sheer numbers of the critters I cannot guarantee this will continue.

The squirrels in my yard are still using my car as a walnut cracker, however. Disconcerting noise as I roll out of my driveway.

On the way to pick up Cami for dinner last night, I stopped to admire some chickens. A couple of blocks over a guy seems to have a number of chickens in his back/side yard (it is a small corner lot). It looked like a Plymouth Rock and two Rhode Island Reds on one pass. The next time by there seemed to be buff Opington in the mix. Haven't dealt with chickens since I collected eggs on my Grandfather's farm so my identification my be wrong on the dark reds, they could have been New Hampshires. Only hens visible on either pass so identifying a bit harder for non-lover of chickens.


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Oct. 16th, 2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
My squirrel roadkill-count has been decent, but not out of line with past statistics. Depends on the local mast supply.
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