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It is currently sunny and warm out. The sunny has been very much off and on though. There are signs that fall might actually happen.

... the leaves are finally turning.

... flocks of starlings decorate the wires with their multitudes.

... squirrels madly burying nuts. I just wish they would remember where they put them, then I wouldn't have to weed them up next spring.

... no frost yet so I still have honey bees visiting the salvia.

... last basil harvest in a few minutes.

And two silly moments remembered.

As I was going out I heard the sounds of lost kitten heading my way. The new kitten next door had escaped and was doing the "mommy, mommy" cry. When she got to me, she stopped, afraid and went into the "I am going to be eaten by the evil, scary monster" cry. Luckily she stopped her movement so the younger son from next door could scoop her up and take her home.

A "squirrel" moment. If you have seen "UP" you will know what I am talking about. Cami and I were talking politics while heading towards a movie. As I came abreast of a number of signs proclaiming a new restaurant we both stopped talking, read the signs and then took up the political conversation. We are not fixated on squirrels (like a certain dog) but are fixated on new restaurants.