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work complaint

Needed to say this ... so here is as good place as any. Spent the last three days in training with the new software our dean was sold. Their sales presentations are very SHINY. Unfortunately it would have helped if someone with some computer intelligence had explained a few things to her, concerning why this was a VERY BAD IDEA(tm)!

In the used to be halcyon days of the past, we as curricular experts would make such decisions and that after much careful consideration about the cost of this WTF software. Instead we have been order to create a curriculum around it for the thousands of students who will come because she spend 300k on this stuff and we have to make her look good.

If you were wondering it is sort of 3D Authorware, developed for in-house projects. Then some marketing guy had the bright idea to sell it all over the world. Can you say "guinea pigs are us"?