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"undisclosed security threat"

Got to school and knew something was up. There was a long line backed up at the parking ramp so I sought an alternate parking spot. Got in the door near my office and was told to immediately turn around and exit as there was an "undisclosed security threat" and campus was being evacuated. Not lockdown -- evacuation. Stand by for more information as we know anything. I left exceedingly perplexed and am now home not teaching but getting grading done. Or I will once I stop blogging.

When I got home a squirrel was again eating a walnut that had been cracked by my car. Please to note: tree rats seem to have gained the ability to make use of tools. It isn't by accident as I have seen them leaving walnuts as offerings to the car nutcracker. This was a nut I ran over this morning on the way out from the walnut tree two houses down.

In garden news I still have a few plants holding on, a violet is still flowering and so is the front door snapdragon. The display subdued but there.

The Parriota persica was in fine display as well. Do love the fall color on members of the Hamamelidaceae family

And I found that I was a landlord without knowing it -- I owned an apartment house.