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"undisclosed security threat" part 3

so, I went into school today and wondered what we would find. As we rounded the corner to my office I saw that a section of lockers had been removed in a not very careful manner. This bank of lockers is about 30 feet from the door to my office. Seems the dogs had said "here!!!" and then the robot came in and dismantled the lockers. I missed seeing them but those that had said it was a sight to behold. Super robot dug in and ripped them apart -- no bomb. In an office on the other side of me there was a hole in the wall that had never been repaired more than taping it shut. Seems that had been investigated.

No bombs but they did a very thorough job of looking for them. I wonder if the bomb sniffing dogs moonlight as drug dogs. It is an art department after all.