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pre-pre turkey day

The number of students in classes today was disappointing but not unexpected. I figure by my class tomorrow night it will be down to "not many".

Went and picked up the turkey at the co-op. It has taken over the refrigerator but then it always does. On Thursday I will be making the turkey, stuffing and gravy. The rest of dinner will be arriving with the guests. I have in the past moved turkeys from placed cooked to place of eating. It is a frakking pain, so I now make people come here. So much easier. I have to remember to ask Sandy to come over to help me get the turkey into the oven. I didn't get a big one but they are so awkward and my back has been objecting to everything I do lately. Whoever designed the oven door such that you have to lift a big, honking bird a long distance while arms are extended -- that person should be shot.

While at the co-op picking up the turkey I acquired some pecans. I think I have to make a maple pecan pie. There cannot be too much dessert, right?