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pre turkey day

Well actually in truth it is Thanksgiving. Just put a pie in the oven (picture will follow) and it was an experiment. I saw a recipe for a Maple Pecan Pie and thought it looked interesting so I wrote it down. When I actually started assembling the ingredients I found that there was much too much sugar in the stupid thing. So I compared it to my "It Doesn't Make Your Teeth Hurt Because It Is Too Sweet (tm) Pecan Pie". See I like pecan pie - carmelly custard with nuts tastes great but everyone makes too ghod awful sweet. So over the years I dinked with the recipe until I got it just right. Now I embark on a new adventure. I'll let you know how it turns out.

It is currently noisily raining. I looked out and the drops are not so organized as to be snow but not so liquid as to be rain. So I guess then it would be slushing out. Ground seems warm enough that it doesn't seem to be freezing or sticking. It is however making a lot of noise and disturbing Romy.

Good smells are starting to come from the kitchen.