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Have I said how much I like Honda and their Stability system. Well ...... when I went in to school it was snowing but the roads were mostly just wet. It kept on snowing and the wet roads froze. Now we have black ice and snow covered ice rinks. I have a car that is smarter than me at keeping me from skidding (and I'm pretty good). I skated home and just made sure that no one ran into me. The joys of first snow when people have to re-remember how to drive on snow. I hope they learn fast.

On much the same note I test drove a new Odyssey today and it is shiny. I'll probably buy one because I need power doors. I cannot open the sliders and I have a hard time get the back closed. And I have to get my wheelchair out of the back, so ... It does come with a lot of other safety features but accessibility is important to me. The one I drove had a GPS system and ghod I cannot stand those things. Just what I need my car talking to me. I'm from New England so I learned to navigate at an early age, then I moved to the Midwest. Everything is on a grid -- how do people get lost here anyway? You always know what is N, S, E & W.

I just got home and I think I will sign off and warm up the last of the turkey.
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