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I just got a request from my ex-Dean to write her a letter of recommendation. This is just wrong on so many levels. The woman was a micro-managing fruitcake. I fought her tooth & nail. She came very near to destroying my program and did severe psychological damage to any number of my colleagues.

Please to understand, I know a lot of people at school and found no problem going to a dean or vice president etc. to get what the program needed. Many times tramping over her head (and at times doing said tramping against her specific orders). She once told us we were only allowed to talk to people at the college who were in our "chain of command" -- couldn't talk to anyone else and were forbidden having "parking lot" conversations with colleagues. Yah, like that worked. At times I used HR against her. At one meeting I surprised her by sitting next to this HR velociraptor I had invited to the meeting. They hated each other and it kept the psycho in line. I fought dirty whenever possible. HR velociraptor or Provost, whatever tool worked.

We had to endure her for 7 years and danced down the halls the day she was made redundant. Now she has the chutzpah to ask for a recommendation. Really?! she is even more out of touch with reality than I thought.
Tags: politics of the bureaucratic sort

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