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today -- well actually yesterday now...

Good things happened politically.

My cold is slowly winding down.

I can finally get my school mail using Mail instead of the stupid Oracle web interface. One last go at it ignoring most of the assorted tech suggestions and just doing a "what if I do THIS???!?" AND I can reply using Mail and my comcast connection instead of having to bounce off my gmail account and giving my students one of my personal email addresses. Don't ask -- it is all because LCC and comcast both use port 25.

The dvd works and sound is coming out of the stereo speakers again instead of the TV. Major rewiring project accomplished by Lee who can actually crawl into the cabinet that houses all the electronic stuff. Why did I ever think that was a good idea?

I did much housekeeping stuff -- ran the dishwasher, ran the washing machine multiple times and made myself a list for shopping and cooking for the next two days. Just kept putting stuff off and taking naps -- all the better to slay the nasty virus.

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