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Today was day one of Faculty Held Hostage Days(tm). Tomorrow is day two. All I can say is that at least I came with my own chair, and it is comfortable.

They showed us a new system being developed (it doesn't quite work yet!!) that we will be required to use. If it is like most systems the schools sinks money into it will never work but will cost a fortune. May be why they are stalling big time on contract negotiations. Was programmed using Active X so it will only work with Windoze and IE AND only on campus. Which means anyone who has a school supplied computer of a different flavor in their office is s##t out of luck. And those adjunct faculty that are not supplied with school computers ... to bad. Why am I still here? Oh yah, I'm not old enough to retire.

Grump, grump. Back tomorrow for day two.

Note: I spent most of the day dealing with students by email (yeah iPhone)! They canceled a whole lot of classes before registration was over. All the upset students contacted me! But then you see they do this every semester because to them classes are an expense not revenue and frak the students.
Tags: politics of the bureaucratic sort

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