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Started snowing about 6pm. Visability about 1/2 of a city block. Right now about 1/2 inch an hour but supposed to be in the 2" per hour or more range by later this evening. Dark blue spots on the radar.

At about 3PM we got email from the school saying they would let us know by 4AM if school was going to happen. At 4PM MSU cancelled school for tomorrow. The first time MSU has had a snow day since 1978. (They don't want cars cluttering the parking lots impeding snow removal.) TPTB here instantly welcomed the action that got them off the hook, no decision necessary, school cancelled for tomorrow. Hurrah! Plays hell with the syllabus but... a snow day.

If you were wondering, we have students commuting from a three county area, so it was a good idea that cancellation.

More later.