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french cars

When in college I bought a Renault 8 and then after college I bought a Renault 10. Bucking the trend for VWs at the time. The R10 was the a great little car. Sort of like this one but add matt black hood and matt side racing stripes. Plus fog lights and hood pins. The hood pins were a joke because the front had hinges on the front edge and opened forward. Rear engine car that could actually make it up the hills of Duluth when snow covered. Nice little car until someone ran into me and totaled me and the car. Note: I don't have a picture of my R10 so I Photoshopped this one into the right color.

Then I really admired Citroen. Not the 2cv (death on wheels made of canvas and cardboard, add French drivers and a nightmare is born!)) but this model much beloved by french movie makes of the era.

Why all this car nostalgia? I am very interested in 3D printing and found this. "The i.materialize 3D printing folks were tapped by Citroën to help build a working, full-size Citroën G, this being an imaginary car that had previously only existed in the virtual confines of the Gran Turismo 5 racing game. They did so, and actually drove the car around the streets of London."

3D printing a supercar, the Citroën GT | i.materialise 3D Printing
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