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Temps in the upper forties heading towards upper fifties. Perhaps 60 F tomorrow. A lot of the snow is gone and green things are sticking up their heads.

Photos from my iPhone 'cuz I forgot to recharge the batteries for my camera. Oops!

Went to doctor's appointment this morning and took the scenic route. Saw the kestral preparing to snack at a bird feeder a few block over. Thought I saw him last week but it was too quick to really identify. This time all was good. Not a lot of traffic so I could stop for a moment to be sure.

The Trowbridge red hawk was in evidence on both trips. And I spotted my first robin at the golf course. Continued on through the agricultural environs of MSU and there were lots of horse out and enjoying the warmth. Now home and to school in a little while.

I find out from Cami later about the protests at the capital.