art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
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Left the parking ramp to discover that the ground was covered with white. By the time I got home and could closely examine it -- it is not snow but small chunks of ice. Weatherbeans say we are in for ice in the overnight as well.

As I was doing this examining and getting crutches and locking car doors and all that, I heard a cat cry. Loudly! I looked around and could see no cats but the sound seemed close. More looking until I discovered the cat after another loud "I don't like this, LET ME in NOW!!" exclamation. Cat on porch across the street a goodly distance from me. Body language says this cat is very unhappy with her people and the weather. More yowls.

I opened my door to find mine asleep in the chair near the door. As I wrestled the stuff from my mail box (door open of course) her highness harrumphed me and left the area near the door. She didn't like the weather I was letting in. I would hazard a guess she is now in the middle of my bed. Poor abused kitty indeed.
Tags: complaining about the weather

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