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not the way I want to start the morning

Was awakened by a phone call from a friend's boss because I was her emergency contact. She hadn't turned up at work and no one had heard from her. Did I know anything or could I go check up on her? Well sleepy me said I would try but I cannot get up any of the stairs in her house. Wheelchair me. So I called around to see if anyone in the neighborhood was home/awake and found someone. I went and dug out my copies of keys to Diane's house and drove off to meet Kris at the house. No evidence of car leaving garage or of tire tracks of someone picking her up. Now this is someone with brittle bones so we are both outside really starting to worry. Handed Kris the keyring and said "one of these will work on the front door".

Kris got the door open and went in. Finally tracked down Diane to find that she had just overslept. Now of a certain age where the outcomes could be other.

I need to eat breakfast, take a shower and go to work. I hate adrenaline in the morning, don't know that I need any coffee today.