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sunny but cold

Got my taxes done yesterday. Filed. Shredded the stuff I didn't need. Hurrah for another year. Just wish the frakking big corporations would pay their share.

Went to the car wash and removed a ton or three of salt. Tried to book plane tickets for Cami and me to head east. Trying to find accessible on Delta is fun (not). Northwest used to give way more information and actually allowed you to book handicapper seats on the web site. Not Delta (hurrah). My sister offered her travel agent and I think I may go with that.

Cami needs to see the coast. She has never had a lobster roll! Flying to my sister's in New Jersey and heading up to Maine by way of Boston. Should be fun.

Have to get the Fall class schedule proofed this afternoon, fun is. But I think I'll go read the new Elizabeth Moon instead, maybe I'll do work later.
Tags: life, the universe etc.

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