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self mobile cat toys

Heard a clatter in the bathroom early this morning. Investigated and found Romy chasing a mouse around. She carried it around the house for a bit until she lost it under the couch.

She doesn't kill them, they are literally self mobile toys for her. So I went and got my have-a-hart, baited it with some peanut butter and put it near the couch. I didn't have a lot of hope because in the past she has released the mice from the trap.

No noise woke me during the night so I headed for the living room when I woke up. She who does not kill rodents was calmly sitting staring at the well fed mouse in the trap.

I removed the mouse & trap to the front porch for later relocation. As of noon it resided near the golf course. I don't know if it still survives but it is no longer in my house.

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