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this weekend

It is getting to that time in the semester that requires I stop thinking about school and spend some time doing something totally unrelated to that venture. Only a month to gooooooooooo..........

I'm bored which usually means I start doing a lot of unnecessary cooking. Unnecessary cooking being defined as cookies, cakes and pies. Now I could do this but I would then have to invite the world over to eat it all or I would need to wrap it up and fill the freezer. A couple of cookies are good, or a piece of pie, or a slice of cake but I have yet to figure out how to make one piece of pie. If I make a pie then there is a whole pie to eat -- bad idea. The last time I was in this mood I made a huge carrot cake, it has carrots, so it must be healthy? Well I know the answer to that and for my cake it is a resounding NO! so I invited friends.

Mayhaps I'll make oatmeal cookies tomorrow. Fruit, oatmeal, cinnamon and I will pretend.

Also --- I want daffodils and I want them NOW! It is supposed to get to the upper 60s this weekend so perhaps some of the buds by the foundation will open.

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