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sunny and cool

Walked out the front door and discovered what all the noise was. Neighbor had cut down the spruce in her front yard. Sigh, I knew it would happen one day as it is a postage stamp sized front yard and that spruce would fill it up and then some. Why do people not read the "this tree will grow to be umpteen feet tall" label on the pot before they commit to planting? See I don't even assume that they have done any research on the topic before they go to the nursery. But do think that it would not take but a minute to read or for that matter ask. I have lived next to her for many years and watched this tree from its smallness to death.

Why am I upset by this? Because the hawk, I call the Christmas Tree Ornament (tm) has now lost her favorite perch. I hope this does not mean she will stop visiting. Perhaps I will have to do a painting.

More daffs out, no pictures.

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