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today in the garden

A bunch of new flowers opened this week. Here is a sample of what I found on my tour.

There are violets everywhere, some even in the flower beds.

Many hyacinths of various color, this is my favorite.

That was just in the front yard, now on to the back. This gives a good overview of the daffs in the backyard. One of the things I like about daffodils is that they spread. Each clump in this photo started a just one or two bulbs.

I also have many tulips. The dutch ones are a bit fussy and get any number of problems (they open much later as well). The species are exceedingly hardy and these guys are the first out.

Last but not least are the bloodroots Sanguinaria canadensis. I've got both single and double flowered varieties. The single will fade quickly if we have even a few warm days in a row. The double flowers last much longer. They are a be later as you can see.