art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

a nice spring day ...

... now that the sun has come out.

I've been looking at the news and twitter and got kind of depressed. Stupid political things continue in Michigan.

So I decided to tell a story of days gone by. Once upon a time a friend had a cat (mostly white calico) named Maggy Mayhem. One night we got the brilliant idea that we needed to have an easter cat coloring party. The focus was on the spring fixation on bunnies and eggs not easter per se. We had all grown up at a time when it was accepted practice for people to buy chicks and baby ducks all pink and lavender and blue and take them home for easter. (They stopped the practice but my dad always had a sign in his classroom the next week saying he would relocate said beasties to a nice home on a farm in Vermont.)

So we blew a lot of eggs, got egg decorating kits of every sort and got some food coloring so that we might be careful with Mayhem. After much egg decorating we used paint brushes and food coloring to paint a kitty. She didn't seem to mind and ended up with a couple of blue and green spots to go with her orange and black spots.

The house was situated such that the front window was right on the sidewalk and any number of people walked by, looked at the cat in the window, stopped and backed up. We removed most of the food coloring but she maintained traces of color for a few days. Blue/green is a very nice color for a cat.

I still have a jar full of some of the decorated eggs but they have faded substantially over the years. These are not great examples of the art but mine own.

As a side note: I am amazed at the products of the whole Eastern European egg tradition. I have tried doing them but have not the patience.
Tags: spring

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