art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

last office hour of the semester

One last class to go and then grading. Next week is "faculty held hostage days" and then I'm off for the summer.

Did I mention that I have to have carpel tunnel surgery on both hands? A number of people said "but you don't use a mouse"! Crutches and wheelchair take their toll. This summer may be very interesting. Just one hand at a time for the surgery but as I ambulate with my hands I am going to be stuck home for much of the summer.

I'm glad I scheduled vacation early. We are going to Maine so I can sit at the beach and watch the waves. And it will smell right! The Great Lakes are large bodies of water and all. Superior does looks like the coast of Maine but it does not smell right but we do have sea gulls. I'm not sure that that is in the plus column.

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