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if it is friday it must be portland...

Bumpily, bumpity, bump. Last night in Boston on our touristy ventures and today around downtown Portland.

Started today with dim sum in Chinatown. Then went to the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA. I remember seeing him doing glass at a conference when I was in grad school. Amazing stuff.

Spent a couple of hours looking at other things as well. Their Oriental ceramics collection in particular. Some pieces here and at the Art Institute in Chicago really influenced my work in grad school (Oribe).

Left Boston after a bit of round and round but then headed north. Stopped once in NH so Cami could say she had been there. Got off 95 at Kittery and ambled north eventually to Portland. We are staying two blocks off Commercial St. in downtown so exploring tonight involved more bumping about. The brick work in Portland is much smoother than that in Boston.

Off exploring tomorrow.

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