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87 F on its way to mid 90s. Have I ever said how much I hate really hot weather? I complain about it being mostly grey in MI but I live north because I hate hot. My time in ME & MA this past week was wonderful and leaving the airport into a wall of hot & humid was awful. I'm staying home in the a/c and doing laundry.

EMG again tomorrow in prep for the left wrist surgery next week.

Oh and the airline did a real number on my wheelchair. Whoever I travel with gets to disassemble my wheelchair at the plane door as I crutch to my seat. Yesterday when my wheelchair came up it had been semi-mangled. Rant - every cabbie and airline person in the world thinks they know how to fold my wheelchair only my wheelchair doesn't exactly fold until after it has been partially disassembled. After disassembly the back and seat go onto the plane as “carry on”. The frame folds at this point in a bit of strange origami. Cami and the Lansing ground crew guy (not the mangler) had to spend about twenty minutes and use the fact that the bicycle tires can pop off to get it back to functional so I could go home. I will need to have someone from the shop look at it to see if anything was permanently mangled.

The kitty girl was extremely happy to see me and jumped from the chair by the door to great me and spent most of yesterday glued to me.

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