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a squared

Headed to Zingerman's on this fine Sunday. Going down saw any number of turkey vultures perusing the assorted road kill.

Got to Ann Arbor and had to do the road construction dance to get where we wanted -- ZINGERMAN's!! There was a long line out the door and around the corner but by the time I found a place to park and got near the door the line had shrunk. They have an employee at the door playing gate guard (with yummy samples) to keep it so you can get in and have a chance of doing some shopping.

I choose the role of sandwich orderer. This means that I don't sit in front of the cheese/deli counter and buy too much. I ordered sandwiches and then went to to pick up bread products and grocery items. Cami and I tend to use the divide and conquer approach. She has the ability to look but not buy at the deli counter, I don't. Sandy waited for them to thinly slice some Serano ham so we went outside to scout for a table. Zingerman's is doing major construction/expansion so things are interesting (for many versions of the word interesting).

Side door of Zingerman's:

Picnic tables on the sidewalk:

Cami's was a Laura’s Asparashazham!

Mine was a #73 Tarb’s Tenacious Tenure. I went to a deli and didn't order corned beef this time!

Sandy had a #13 Sherman’s Sure Choice.

We all packed up half the sandwich to take home because no one can eat the whole sandwich. Nom nom supper!

On the way back we stopped at a rest area where chipmunk porn was happening. We seemed to be the only people that noticed the two chipmunks who were going at it on the window ledge. Obviously chipmunk exhibitionists and unobservant humans.