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the 4th

It was a sunny but warm day. Humidity down so the 80-something F was OK.

Cami and I went looking for a place to view the fireworks at about 9pm. Both of our usual places (empty parking lots) had been locked up. No trespassing, etc. So I drove around the area until I found a place to put the car. I was on the street near the park were the city sets off its show and with a view of the baseball stadium where the Lugnuts do a smaller show.

We had both brought nosh so we did a small picnic and watched the hordes gather. As always there were a lot of illegal fireworks being set off. Pretty but how can anyone afford the things?

The show at the baseball stadium was very short but the city display was longer and better than usual. I wonder if someone donated for the fireworks.

I did not climb on the top of my van but these kids had a good view.

I don't recommend using your cellphone for pictures of fireworks but this is what I got.

The kitty girl was hiding in the closet when I got home and is now sitting next to my feet. She twitches/jumps as each boom happens. Hopefully it will quiet down soon and I can open the windows.
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