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on the road again...

Drove down to Ann Arbor to go to Zingerman's before the students return. Next weekend is a big street fair and the week after is a deluge of students into Ann Arbor. I will also talk of deluges of a different sort later. Cami is back to work this week, I next and then school starts for us, so scheduling fun.

Woke up to a downpour. It cleared up. Then it started raining again. Was raining a little bit when we left town and then I drove into the downpour/deluge. Windshield wipers could not keep up, I cannot really see the road sort of deluge. I considered stopping but then we drove past it. An awful lot of traffic heading east, approaching rush hour levels. I think everyone decided to leave up north early to avoid the rush. It didn't work but at least there was no road construction.

Got to Z's and miracle of miracles I found a parking spot right in front. As usual the line stretched out the door and around the corner and down the block. They do have a nice covered walk for one to wait and someone had painted a mural on the side. I waited at the end of the ramp rather than trying to get the wheelchair onto the sidewalk further down the road. It gave me a great vantage point to the dismay of a lot of newbees who would stop, look and ask if "that was the line for sandwiches?".

We got in and with the crowd I was at a bit of a disadvantage catching someone's eye at the deli counter. However when someone called "45" and I had the #44 sticker all was well. I ordered what I needed and moved to the sandwich line. Cami went looking for the pickled raisins to no avail. They may sound strange but are surprisingly good.

Sandwiches ordered and paid for and then we navigated out, which is harder than it sounds. The ramp entrance needed to be cleared of people before we could move next door and get a table. Then the wait. You wait will the wait persons walk around all the seating areas inside and out calling names. Finally my name was called and sandwiches arrived.

Cami got an Abra's Nutty Yard Bird and Diane & I got the Sandwich of the Month - El Aquacate. Nom Nom!

Cami's curried chicken salad ...

... and my lovely chicken and avocado wonder:

We eventually came home. On the drive we saw one dead coyote and it looked like this spring's entire crop of juvie raccoons decorating the side of the road. Saw a couple of hawks and one Great Blue heron, alive alive O. On our side westbound traffic was fairly light but eastbound it had reached levels of heavy rush hour. I'm glad I wasn't returning from the Great UpNorth.
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