August 2nd, 2009


out on a limb! and not smiling

Well I spent much time last week in training on the new fraking computer software the Dean gave us. Beating on us didn't do any good so then she tried the opposite approach -- give us presents.

She went to some conference and some sales idiot sold her on this stuff. An in-house development tool that got tied up with shiny bows and sold to people like her, people who don't know anything about computers or anything else high tech. The sales pitch is all smoke and mirrors and we are supposed to do something with it to make her look ever so good.

It does 3D interactive stuff but is a head banger because it follows none of the rules used by 3D software for ... oh any of the last 20 years. The just invented stuff and called it "industry standard". They cannot even get Cartesian coordinates right. Maybe they never heard of Descartes, I don't know. We keep getting sales pitches instead of training although this time WAS better than the last waste of time.

Grump, Grump, stupid gorram Dean. Stupid software. Grump, grump!! #@%&*%@!!
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