December 28th, 2009



Was out and about with the snow being somewhat light, roads a slippery mess.

Drove through the bank and came back to sit behind four cars and a snow plow at the RR crossing. From my vantage point I can not see the train -- white out. So sat for one train mostly knowing it was there because of the flashing lights and an occasional hint of movement. The train is moving at about the pace of a human walking and then it slows down some. The end is in sight however until train horns sounds and it is a second train going the other way. This does explain the slow train but all told I probably sat there for about 15 minutes. This in a town of mostly level crossings is not noteworthy, what was however was that by the time the second train had passed and the gates had lifted the cloud cover was broken by large patches of intensely blue sky.

Such is the fun of lake effect snow bands, by the time I got home clouds closing in once again and snow happening. Now off to take the kitty girl to the vet. She HATES the vet.
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just before sunset

Blue skies and strong winds, I assume the front moved through.

Off to Zingerman's tomorrow for lunch with Cami . Have a shopping list from a number of friends thus we make productive our break. Fueling the new year with excellent pastrami.
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