March 11th, 2010


movie time

The classic movie of the week was "Million Dollar Mermaid". Only a couple of Busby Berkeley numbers in this one which was probably a good thing. Sometimes (?) they are a little over the top. After the movie Cami and I decided we needed sushi. I suppose that is a better idea than wanting sushi after viewing Finding Nemo.

On another note I decided since it was spring I needed to brighten up as well. All that sunshine went to my head, literally! This is what it looks like now.

Not quite a daffodil but certainly tending towards spring colors. Without the color assist it is mouse brown and decidedly boring.
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hawk flew over my head and other things

Just went out to collect a package delivery and the "christmas tree ornament" flew over head. Marsh hawk who is usually not around here quite this late. She perches on top of the spruce tree two houses up. She was headed south.

Checked my calendar at school just to see that something hadn't been added for next week. Nothing had been added for next week but a meeting had been added for tomorrow morning. Did I mention that it was Spring Break? It is kind of amazing that every one of the faculty who had been invited to the meeting refused. Wonder why? Could it be that I don't get paid to be on campus tomorrow? Annoyed - if you hadn't guessed.