September 16th, 2010


rain, rain go away...

We had about 2" of rain in under an hour. Lots of flooding. Some roads are still blocked at this time, but for the most part the town is passable again.

School was interesting. The large parking ramp at the end of our building had about 12" of water on the first floor (it is partly underground). Please note: cars don't swim very well. I am now glad I didn't find a parking place there and was on the second floor. A couple of buildings had indoor water falls including the old Photo Center (now a day care) and the AOF building (our old home). It rained on the first floor of a four story building! I assume it is still dripping. When we lived there if the roof wasn't springing a leak the heat or cooling pipes were bursting. Glad we are not still there but we are at the lowest point of this building so...
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I'm about three quarters of the way through Tanya Huff's The Truth of Valor. Got to a line that made me laugh ... more so than today @school. "... pushed herself down toward the smelter level -- for representational rather than gravitational values of the word down."

It has been that kind of week at work. More later.

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