November 6th, 2010


fall, is still falling...

... but tonight will jump back to safety. Must remember to do the clock thing tonight.

Birthday celebration will happen in a couple of hours. Vast Chinese feast has been ordered and we will all descend on the restaurant. More later perhaps.

Jeff moved copious quantities of vegetative matter to the compost heap yesterday. A surprise when I got home from school. Went out today to survey the removal and took a couple of pictures. The compost mountain in all it's vastness.

The yard devoid of perennial growth. Just the trees, shrubs, rose and evergreens remain above ground to over winter. Plus a few bits and baubles.

The Fairy roses are still blooming.


The feast was feasted, presents opened, candles extinguished (the cake had powdered sugar on top so not blown out) and I am now home with cat & book.

A fun time was had by all.