November 28th, 2010


tech geekness

Tried to finish up the clean-up from Turkey day and also put a dent in the normal round of chores. Some laundry done and the last drawer of dishes washed.

Spent time during the afternoon giving tech advice for friend whose last computer was a multi-colored iMac. I think it was red, which makes it a strawberry or cherry. She wants something that will give her internet access so she can surf, do email and maybe do the games and books thing. She wants to get it done for the least amount of money. Even though an Asus computer might be cheaper, the cable/network connection is something like $50 a month around here. I recommended an iPad 3G because although the initial outlay is more, the data plan she would need is only $14.95 a month and although she is not a tech illiterate, she is close. I think the ease of use, getting software etc. will be good for her.

So next Saturday we venture forth to the BuyMore for a try out. This is going to be interesting as she just had surgery on a bone she smashed in her foot. I am going to be the more mobile of the two of us, ha! I at least have a wheelchair and she will be shopping on crutches. She wants something immediately so she can do her shopping online.