December 9th, 2010


snow happened

It snowed today like it did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. Winter downwind of Lake Michigan.

I missed most the the heavier snow as I was teaching -- love those underground classrooms. I was told that at one point it was blizzard conditions almost -- except that the snowflakes were tending towards lace doilies. This only lasted about 10 minutes but freaked out a couple of people. I have no idea why.

On other fronts, we have been reorganized (or perhaps more properly described -- disorganized). Every few years the administrators at this college decided that they are bored, or whatever and shuffle around the programs, departments and divisions into a new order. Just when we finally got a new and good Department Chair trained up/broken in we are going to be getting a new one. When I first started at LCC I was in a group called Telecommunications and the Arts. Then we were moved to Technology, then Careers, then Tech Careers, then Business, Media & Information Technology and now we are part of the Art & Sciences Division in a Department called Communication, Media & the Arts. What comes around ends up back where it started. Please keep in mind in all of this that be are an Art program or more specifically Art, Design & Multimedia. What all of this means is that we are a commercial art program that uses computers (at least for the last 25 years) and the PTB have basically never known what to do with us. Vocational art (?!?!?!) program! We were invited to a "meet the new boss" thing tomorrow so this should be interesting.

Just saying -- in the last five years I have had five different Department Chairs and we are now up to six. I hope some one thinks this is all fun, I don't. Just so you know three of the five chairs were fired for incompetence (or given some bureaucratic equivalent). And next week is finals week, happy, happy, joy, joy!