December 17th, 2010


2 days until winter break...

Got an invite to a show so I will need to spend some time over the break doing some new things. That needs to be added to the list of other things I must do in these three weeks (in no particular order):

-make some new clothes (or at least sew together the winter ones I have cut out)
-finish the course pack for 3D animation 2
-revise illustration class after I have a meeting with the other instructors of said class
-buy a new car
-go to zingermans for pastrami
-meet with Peter about his 3D design class
-celebrate with the christmas eve indulgence fest
-recover from same
-find my desk at home
-find my desk at the office
-create some new art

...but first I need to sleep for three days and get rid of this frakking cold.
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not lost in translation

If you own an iPhone, you can just start up "Word Lens," a hot new app which translates words in front of you instantly. The app processes the words in image format and nearly immediately puts them in the language of your choice (the first version is just English-Spanish and Spanish-English, but there are more language offerings to come).