December 20th, 2010


snow flakes fluttering

Sometime on later today or early Tuesday we are supposed to get more snow. It will be a white christmas this year with just enough to be pretty without overage, it would seem.

Got three of the four classes done and grades submitted. Have just my animation class to finish tomorrow. Some were still rendering on Friday. As I have to go to school for other things, I decided to just leave things until Monday. Then it will be ALL DONE and I get to have break.

listy thing:
-submit grades
-make some new clothes (or at least sew together the winter ones I have cut out)
-finish the course pack for 3D animation 2
-revise illustration class after I have a meeting with the other instructors of said class
-buy a new car
-go to zingermans for pastrami
-meet with Peter about his 3D design class
-celebrate with the christmas eve indulgence fest
-recover from same
-find my desk at home
-find my desk at the office
-create some new art
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