January 31st, 2011

house w/snow

snow & cold

Well just got back to my office after the fire alarm went off. 7 F so just a bit cold out there. If there had been a major fire many idiots would have died because they all went right outside the door and stopped. Even though many were yelling to go the the street (sidewalks thereof) most just stood in a herd of stupid. Trapping the person in the wheelchair with their stupidity. At least being at ground level has an advantage, I don't have to wait at the top of the stairs to be rescued. Someone probably set something on fire in a microwave or something.

1 - 2" of snow forecast for tomorrow then snowpocalypse for Tuesday night to Wednesday night. Weatherbeans are saying 14" to over 20 inches for the area. Our first BIG snow in many years. We'll see, haven't had a real blizzard in a long time. My guess is no snow day however, school doesn't believe in snow days. Except for the time when a new prez (from California) got all upset over 6" of snow.
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