February 19th, 2011


all the snow that is left

The week of warm made all the snow go away. But the weatherbeans say we will be getting 8 - 12" of snow starting about noon tomorrow. After it snows there is supposed to be a 1/2" ice frosting on top. We shall see.

What it looks like outside minus all most of the snow gone.

Spend too much time at Honda dealership this afternoon. It seems the 2011 Odyssey has a defective battery sensor (there was an alert about it). On Monday they "fixed" it, but almost immediately it started giving me low battery warnings (while screaming at me) so back I went today. Things heard -- "you're the first one who has come back", "great idea, really poor implementation", and "just replace it all". So I now have a new sensor, cabling and a new battery. Hopefully this fixes the problem.