June 7th, 2011


sitting at la guardia

Well yesterday turned into a frelling good time for all. The plane went no where and everyone went running to the gate to rebook. I could get a flight to Detroit but not a connecting flight. Luckily being in a wheelchair has it's perks. Delta rebooked us for today (the 7am flight), gave us both food vouchers, a room at an ok hotel and a we are sorry voucher. Let us see if today goes better.

As I sit here waiting for a plane I think about what I was doing yesterday morning. I was sitting outside waiting for a ride to the airport and watching the antics of a young mocking bird. Baby was fledged but altogether unsure about the whole flying thing. It got out of the tree on to an electrical wire. A parental unit at first seemed to be attempting to convince it to move. Baby crouched, fluffed it's feathers and looked basically miserable. PU flew away to a nearby perch at which point baby started screaming. Unhappy baby. Numerous interactions happened but baby would not move. Eventually baby made it back into a spruce tree. PU stood guard.

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I have achieved home-ness. Romy was so happy to see me she forgot to be pissed. Nice kitty!
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