June 21st, 2011


happy solstice

I was hoping to post a picture of the late night not dark sky as a picture for the day. At the moment it doesn't get dark until after 10pm and there was a chance earlier that the sky would be visible on this Solstice night. Well I was wrong. The clouds have moved in and it is dark enough to require the lights on in the house. Tornado warnings and a line of thunderstorms on the way so this computer is getting turned off soon.

Opened the door earlier and was hit by a wall of hot & wet. The air temperature and humidity are approximately the same and way too high. So I stuck my camera out the door and give you a picture of my pot of basil & petunias, they don't mind the weather.



Back to mobile devices as there was a nearby lightening strike. Bright flash, big crash - less than a second between events. Camille called from her house to say that it looked like it hit near my house. Heard a police car on the next street and when I looked out the lights are out over there.

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