July 21st, 2011



Just got back from doctor's appointment, go Jennifer's magic fingers. Got some gas. Melted. Currently the heat index is 106 F which is way too frelling hot. It still has a way to go unfortunately. Watered the poor droopy basil on my front porch when I got home.

In the running around I saw no feathered or furry creatures until I neared home. An office building had its sprinklers on. I would usually swear at this waste of water but three black squirrels were having a frolic in the cold sprinkler spray. Smart tree rats. The two houses down calico lady was flat in the shade under a yew next door. I said "hello", she said "you have got to be kidding if you think I am moving in this heat". Poor old dear.

EtA: heat index now 114 F.