July 8th, 2012


not a bad day

Only 83F!

and I went for dim sum at Golden Wok. There was a change of management in December or so and we haven't been there since. The dim sum chef was just bad. We have been watching the mostly empty parking lot for a while and have noticed custom picking up. We didn't know if this just meant there was an uptick of non-Chinese patrons or what. So we braved it and chose wisely. As long as we didn't order things with rice flour wrappers it is good. There were a good number of Chinese which is a good sign. They still cannot make Har Gow but ...

Got home and supervised gardener in placement of sprinklers. I do not normally water but it has been nearly three weeks since any rain and none expected in the next ten days anyway. I cannot risk the trees and shrubs. I have enough hoses but need another sprinkler for the trees in the far back. All the trees and stuff near the house in front and back is taken care of.

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